What to Expect

Be Prepared for Your First Appointment


Our first goal is to fully understand your health history. It is important that we understand past and current stressors that may have affected (and possibly continue to affect) you physically, emotionally, mentally, chemically, and spiritually. We aim to provide you the best care possible. Feel free to download and print your required forms so you can complete them before your appointment and save time.

chiropractic examination


Once we understand your health history and identify key areas of concern, you undergo a chiropractic evaluation. We examine your posture, gait, range of motion and more. This helps us to identify postural problems that could be contributing to your symptoms. Problem areas are closely examined so that your care plan targets your specific needs. You should set aside about 45 minutes to an hour for your first appointment.


After your posture analysis, your health coach will demonstrate how your nerve interference is correlating with the symptoms you’re experiencing. Spinal degeneration is similar to tooth decay – many years can pass before you feel pain or notice damage. Your health coach will explain the different phases of degeneration and how chiropractic care can prevent further damage to your spine.

Report of Findings

What to Expect at Your Second Appointment

Report of Findings

Your head, shoulders, hips, and feet should be in balance for optimal health and well-being. After a thorough analysis, our doctors determine the appropriate chiropractic techniques needed to alleviate your pain. During your second appointment, your health coach reports all of the doctor’s findings from the first visit. Your Health Coach will share the doctor’s recommendations for chiropractic care, in addition to stretching, stabilizing, or strengthening exercises to try at home.

 Your Care Plan

After your evaluation, our doctors determine the appropriate number of chiropractic visits necessary to reach correction. Then they prepare a care plan unique to your condition and health goals. There are four chiropractic stages to health and wellness: initial intensive; corrective; stabilization; and maintenance. Following the number of recommended visits for each stage of care is essential to your recovery. We are empowering you to take your health back into your own hands.

Make the Commitment

You are not making a commitment to us. You are making the commitment to yourself to reach your health goals. Your care plan recommendation is based on your current state of health and tailored to address your specific needs. Your plan may include a combination of adjustments, massage therapy, essential oils or nutrition support. Together we can create a better life for you. Start living to your full potential today!

A Typical Visit

 Daily Visit Procedure

You will check in with the front desk each time you arrive. Upon check-in, you will be provided a Travel Card to fill out each visit and hand to the doctor before each adjustment. This Travel Card helps to document your progress through each stage of care. It also keeps record of any new symptoms or areas of concern that may arise, which helps us to better serve you.

Chiropractic Adjustments

After the course of treatment is explained, a typical visit to our office will take approximately 15 minutes. Our doctors use a variety of chiropractic techniques for spinal adjustments: Activator Method, Chiropractic Biophysics, Drop Table, Full Spine, and Upper Cervical. Some patients prefer more Gentle Treatments, so we adjust to meet your needs.


During your care we will perform routine re-exams to monitor your level of progress and correction. Many of the findings from your initial visit will be retested. Plan on spending approximately 15-20 extra minutes for your re-exams. Following each re-exam, your doctor will discuss your progress, highlight your successes, suggest some exercises, or adjust your visits.