Our natural, drug-free approach to health care creates long-term wellness for you and your family.

Experience the Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Your chiropractic care plan will provide many benefits to your personal well-being.


More energy

Restore your life force and regain health.


Improved digestion

Get relief from acid reflux and heartburn.


Reduced blood pressure

Restore blood flow, improve hypertension naturally.


Less stress and anxiety

Improve your quality of life.


Relief from migraines

Get drug-free pain relief.


Reduced muscle tension

Get relief from tension headaches and more.


Enhanced sleep quality

No more tossing and turning at night.


Increased overall flexibility

Move joints, tendons, and ligaments freely.


Improved range of motion

Do exercises and daily activities you couldn’t do before.

Symptom Relief

Many people visit a chiropractor for the first time because they’re not getting pain relief through traditional methods. In the first care phase, our main goal is to eliminate or reduce your pain. Initially, you may need daily visits or several visits each week. Depending on the health issue, many patients leave our office with significant pain reduction after only one visit. However, severe or long standing problems cannot be cured with a single adjustment.

Corrective Care

Pain is one of the last symptoms to appear, so it is also one of the first to go. Just because your pain is gone or significantly reduced doesn’t mean that you’re 100% healthy. Even after symptoms have eased, muscle and soft tissue damage remain. Uncorrected, these conditions set the stage for relapse. During the corrective phase of treatment, we’ll continue to work toward correcting your underlying health issues. This stage is comparable to how braces set teeth. The time-frame varies depending on your state of health.

Wellness Care

Once your body reaches correction, we recommend continued chiropractic care to ensure that your pain and symptoms don’t return. This phase of care is equivalent to brushing your teeth to keep from getting cavities, or routine oil changes to keep your car running smoothly. It only takes 14 days for your body to start decaying due to a minor issue. Occasional maintenance visits will help keep your body in optimal condition and prevent any new problems from occurring.

I’d give them the Oscar for best chiropractic. They’ve taught me a lot about my spine and helped me learn to take better care of my body.


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Get relief from the following issues:

Lower Back Pain

Stop straining, be more productive.



No more restless nights.


Tingling or Numbness

From arms to shoulders to fingertips.


Stress and Anxiety

Feel better, have peace of mind.


Shoulder Pain

Find the source, correct the problem.


Restore balance, let energy flow.


Restore blood flow, get relief.


Muscle Tension

Reduce tightness and inflammation.


Hip Pain

Align your hips and pelvis for optimal comfort.

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Chiropractic Symptom Relief

Many people choose a chiropractor because they are experiencing pain with no solutions from traditional medical care. At Inspire Me, we look at your whole body and we work with every patient to uncover the true cause of their symptoms. Most people think that pain is the first indicator of a health problem when, typically, it’s the last symptom to appear – after a health condition has become more advanced.

When the Check Engine light comes on in your vehicle, that’s a signal of a bigger problem that has been building for a while. Your body signals problems in the same way. Symptoms like headaches or back pain are indications that something is wrong. At the first sign of these symptoms, you need to take care of your body just as you would take your car in for service after the Check Engine light appears.

Natural chiropractic care addresses and heals both occasional and chronic pain symptoms throughout your body with natural chiropractic adjustments. Our drug-free approach to health care is sought after by many patients seeking the relief that traditional medical care does not offer.

During your first visits, our goal is to make you more comfortable by decreasing your pain and discomfort. Initially, you may need daily visits or several visits each week. Then your visits will taper off as you progress to better wellness.

Corrective Chiropractic Care

Your spinal column is the center of your body’s health and productivity, so it’s essential to listen to what your body is saying. At Inspire Me, we take the time to listen to each patient in order to gain the best understanding of every health issue and concern.

During your first phase of treatment, your chiropractic doctor will make adjustments to alleviate your pain and tenderness. But just because all or most of your pain is gone doesn’t mean that your health is 100%. To prevent recurring symptoms, you’ll need to continue receiving chiropractic care to ensure that the underlying cause is repaired.

It’s possible to have mild flare-ups during different phases of treatment. This is normal and signifies that your body has not fully healed. Restoring proper mobility and function generally require an on-going program of chiropractic adjustments.

When care is prematurely discontinued, the problem will most likely recur due to lack of structural integrity and healing. Because everyone is different and every injury or health condition can be different, your chiropractic care may take a few months or a few years, depending on the type and severity of your health issue.

Your Wellness Care

At Inspire Me, we treat each patient as an individual. You are a unique person, and your health concerns and issues will also be unique to you. Your chiropractic physician will create a custom plan for your chiropractic care that will help reduce your specific symptoms and relieve your pain.

When you add routine chiropractic care to your lifestyle, you’ll be able to prevent many of those aches and pains. Just like working out and eating well to maintain your health and physical condition, it’s also necessary to continue regular chiropractic care to ensure the health of not just your muscles and joints, but your entire nervous system.

And once we get you on the path to wellness, we can space your visits further apart. Then you may only need an occasional adjustment to stay on track and keep that healthy, pain-free lifestyle going. Regular chiropractic care will help ensure that your health issues don’t return…and we’ll be able to catch any new issues before they become a big problem.

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