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Make Your Health a Priority!

Patient Testimonials

Better health and less stress!

❝This place is unlike any other doctor/chiropractic office I have visited. It's my home away from home and the staff is like a second family to me. I love seeing them on a weekly basis, and will be genuinely sad when my visits decrease to monthly. After my pregnancy, I began to experience severe shoulder pain which prompted my first visit to Inspire Me. I'm so glad I found Dr. Bree. She has helped me immensely on my journey to better health and less stress. My shoulder and general attitude have improved greatly since being a patient here. Krista has also helped me. I've never had such amazing massages in my life! She is truly gifted and I tell everyone about her. Thank you so much, Inspire Me!❞

I felt tremendously better after I started my care plan!

❝I first discovered Inspire Me when I was pregnant and attending a natural birthing class in their facility. Dr. Jodi talked during one of our classes about chiropractic care during pregnancy and infancy. I must admit I was a skeptic at first; however, I decided to go in for my free consultation. I was experiencing pretty severe pelvic pain because of my pregnancy and thought it was worth a shot to see if it helped. Well, I am a complete believer in chiropractic care now! I felt tremendously better after I started my care plan. I do not know how I would have been able to walk around without pain during the final months of my pregnancy if it was not for the wonderful care of Dr. Bree and Dr. Jodi! I have continued my care plan since giving birth and take my newborn son for post-natal care as well! The staff at Inspire Me is dedicated to educating you and your family on total care of your body. From their two great doctors to even their office manager – they are so friendly and caring! Also, I feel like it is a great community to be a part of, as they offer classes in many areas I am interested in for my well being. Just since I have been going this past summer, they have worked with people in the community to provide a free lactation class, essential oil class, and stress relief class! I truly feel that the Inspire Me family is a key component for my goal of a healthier lifestyle! They do "inspire me" to live a better, natural life!❞

I felt noticeably better after the first visit!

❝When I first met Dr. Jodi and Dr. Bree a few weeks ago, they both took an immediate interest in my concerns and how they could help me. I have had chronic pain in my shoulder for about 12 years and have seen several medical professionals, many of which prescribed pain killers to mask the symptoms rather than getting to the root cause. Dr. Jodi did an assessment and determined what was causing my pain. After my adjustments, she gave me exercises to do at home to aid the process. I felt noticeably better after the first visit and all but forgot about my shoulder "problem" after visit #2. I continue to see Dr. Jodi and Dr. Bree, who are both fantastic! I must also mention the office staff. The office manager is very friendly and helpful. Being a busy mother to 3 young children, she goes above and beyond to make an appointment time that fits with my schedule. The office is very family friendly, I almost always have my kids with me and it works out perfectly! They have a basket of toys to entertain the kiddos and I never wait more than a few minutes for my appointment. I highly recommend them!❞

My overall holistic treatment!

❝Dr. Jodi is a gifted healer. She listens carefully, keenly observes, thinks deeply; she does her research. Dr. Dixon is quietly, intelligently in tune, warmly generous (although very busy professionally and personally, she makes me feel as though she has all the time in the world). My x-rays show a great deal of damage to my lower spine, a product of my pushing through pain, lifting improperly, and not exercising correctly over the years. Dr. Jodi effortlessly incorporates seemingly simple chiropractic adjustments and energy work into my overall holistic treatment. She is teaching me the true meaning of being "mindful" about my body, about my yoga practice, about how I move and carry and lift in my daily life. The exercises she teaches me have given me confidence that I can ease my own pain and improve my core and my spine into the next several decades.❞

She cares for my well being!

❝I loved my experience at Inspire Me Naturally. I have always been hesitant with the adjusting process but Dr. Jodi Dixon made me feel so comfortable and welcome. She is very knowledgeable with all the information she has provided me about migraines. I have been to a few other chiropractors before and all the the other ones either overcharged or treated me like a patient rather than a person. Dr. Jodi truly made me feel like she cares for my well being. Not only do my headaches now feel a lot better, but I also take my kids to her now. They all love her and feel comfortable getting adjustments from her. She has a great approach to kids and gets on their level. Also, the environment made it feel warm and inviting. I would recommend this place to anybody at any age. Thanks for helping me and my family.❞

They've helped improve my overall quality of life!

❝I came to Inspire Me tired, frustrated, and overwhelmed by how I felt. I felt I couldn't trust my body or any of the physicians I'd sought for help. I came to Inspire Me as a last hope. From my first meeting with Dr. Ryan, I felt seen, heard, and cared for. The care I've received from Dr. Ryan and Dr. Bree each week these last few months has provided tremendous improvement in my overall health. I feel empowered to begin working towards more activity and educating myself. They've helped improve my overall quality of life and continue to provide attentive care. The front office staff is always friendly and helpful. I'm grateful for finding the hope I've received here!❞

Inspire Me provided a relaxing experience!

❝From the warm welcome I got right through the door, to the relief I felt after my adjustment, the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Inspire Me provided a relaxing experience that will change the way you think of chiropractic care. The doctors are the best and the massage therapist is amazing!❞

Talk about a complete turn around!!!

❝I have been a patient at Inspire Me for several months now. During my initial visit, I was experiencing so much pain throughout my body. My lower back, right knee, and shoulders constantly throbbed. I was taking Advil and other pain relieving meds just to get through the day. After my initial evaluation, my care plan was set to 2 to 3 visits per week. (GOD KNOWS I needed it). I remember after the 3rd visit, I started to notice less pain in my joints. Consistent visits and treatments now have me at 90% of being totally pain free. And because I was having such a great experience, I recently (about 5 weeks now) have been gluten, dairy, and processed sugar-free. Talk about a complete turn around!!! I've lost 15 pounds as a result and I'm down to 1 to 2 visits per week. Thank you Dr. Jodi, Dr. Bree, Dr. Mary AND Dr. Ryan for taking excellent care of me. Shout out to one of the best massage therapist in the ATL, Frank, my Caribbean m'on. If you need a positive, all-natural relief to pain, and balance, Inspire Me will give you an experience that will change your life. The staff will give you the best quality of care you'll ever experience.❞

They truly have changed my life!

❝I started going to Inspire Me a few months ago when I was at a low with my health and every activity of my day was affected by the pain. Dr. Bree was fantastic, as was the rest of the staff, in helping me through that critical time! Before you know it, I was feeling much better. I am still working though my chronic health issues, but when I have a bad day, the staff at Inspire Me are there to help put things in perspective by reminding me just how far I have come. My schedule is always chaotic and everyone at the office is ALWAYS accommodating. It means a lot that I don't ever have to stress over how I am going to fit my visits in my schedule. I just want to thank the entire staff for all their hard work and kind words. They truly have changed my life for the better.❞

He has really helped eliminate the pain!

❝Dr. Ryan is wonderful! I've had back pain for years and he has really helped eliminate the pain. My son even sees him to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. We love Inspire Me and would highly recommend to anyone!❞

The level of care is unbeatable!

❝The staff here is AMAZING. Not only are they all incredibly friendly, the level of care is unbeatable. I won't have made it through my pregnancy without them!❞

Couldn't be more happy with my experience!

❝I had been with Inspire Me Chiropractic throughout my entire pregnancy and couldn't be more happy with my experience! My daughter was born on May 3rd. I had an un-medicated water-birth and absolutely no back labor. I truly believe that was all thanks to the wonderful care that Dr. Jodi & Bree provided me. I highly recommend them to anyone who is pregnant and experiencing back pain!❞

It's amazing how much better she feels!

❝My baby girl is just 11 weeks old. At 9 weeks, she was a very fussy, colicky baby. I was not sure what to do! Our visits to this office with Dr. Jodi have made a world of difference. She is now calm, happy, and sleeping 7 hours a night. It's amazing how much better she feels when everything is aligned correctly.❞

Natural Health Solutions to any and everyone!

❝I have been going to Inspire Me Naturally for almost a year now. I actually followed the Massage Therapist (Krista) to this office. This goes to show how great Krista is! After meeting with Dr. Jodi, I knew that my journey there was not in vane. She is awesome! Dr. Jodi takes her time to find out initially what's going on with your body as well as what may drive the issues. I can say that she honestly cares about her patients and their well-being. I know this from experience. Who can say they go to any of their doctors and feel like they have come out refreshed or had a sense of relief of more than just adjustments of the body, but the mind as well? She is really genuine, and her staff is great and very accommodating. I would recommend Inspire Me Natural Health Solutions to any and everyone for as long as I'm able! I absolutely love them and so will you!❞

I feel much better without the migraines!

❝I have been coming to Inspire Me for the past 3 months, and I have only had one migraine since beginning treatment. Prior to getting adjusted, I would get migraines at least five times a month, and they would last days at a time. I can honestly say, I feel much better without the migraines.❞

Well, now I know why people seek chiropractic care!

❝I admit, I never knew why people received chiropractic care before I met Dr. Jodi. After zip-lining and dropping into a pond on vacation, I came into Inspire Me with my head and neck feeling like 100 lbs. To be able to walk out feeling lighter, more free, and in no pain… Well, now I know why people seek chiropractic care.❞

We are so grateful!

❝At 36 weeks, my baby was still in breech position, and my husband and I were worried that we would not be able to experience a natural delivery. After only 3 or 4 visits, my baby moved to a head down position! We are so grateful! Dr. Jodi and Dr. Bree are passionate about wellness; their commitment and excitement about natural health has helped me make important decisions about the birth and post-natal care for my baby.❞

Be able to make it through my pregnancy without their help!

❝I started coming in when I was unable to sleep through the night. I was waking up from the pain in my hip. After a few visits at Inspire Me, I was sleeping through the night. Now, not only do I sleep through the night, I have no pain in my lower back or hips after months of constant pain. I definitely wouldn't be able to make it through my pregnancy without their help.❞

Only got better and better!

❝When I first came in, I was in the most pain. I could barely walk. The pain was disrupting my performance at work and being a mom. I was scared to hold my baby because I didn't want to drop her. After only one adjustment at Inspire Me, my pain went from a 10 to an 8 and only got better and better to where I was off my pain meds and just about walking normal. I am so glad I found them, and don't know what I would have done if I hadn't. I surely recommend Inspire Me.❞

Welcomed addition to our health care objectives!

❝My family and I have been under Dr. Jodi Dixon's care since the beginning of 2012. Dr. Jodi is not just an inspiration, she generally cares about the well-being and health of my family. Dr. Jodi's energy work combined with chiropractic care has made it comfortable for my children to want to be adjusted. They argue on who is first to be adjusted. Dr. Jodi's care has helped my two-year-old daughter's battle with chronic ear infections and my five-year-old son's asthma issues. My wife and I not only have our bodies feeling better, but also have improved our relationship toward each other. Overall, Dr. Jodi and her staff have been a welcomed addition to our health care objectives.❞

She has greatly enhanced our family's well-being?

❝Our family first met Dr. Jodi when she was with our previous chiropractor. We were very impressed right from the start with her warmth and caring spirit. When Jodi moved, we moved. Last count, we have moved with her 3 times now. Jodi's spirituality is genuine, and she is able to convince you without beating you over the head. She deeply cares about her patients and remembers all of our life events. We consider Jodi a member of our family, and have grown to love her and her family. How many doctors will return your text message on a Sunday? Jodi is one of a kind, and has greatly enhanced our family's well-being and she has made me a better person by helping me explore my inner self and tap into my mental resources for healing.❞

Really helped with all my aches and pains!

❝I started seeing Dr. Bree and Dr. Jodi when I was about 12 weeks pregnant with my second baby. I read so many great things about chiropractic care during pregnancy and decided to give it a try. Seeing them regularly (at least once a week) really helped with all my aches and pains during pregnancy. Especially low back and pelvis pain! I believe the care was important in helping me achieve an all-natural vaginal birth after cesarean.❞

She is not a one-size-fits-all doctor!

❝I was referred to Dr. Jodi about three years ago. I was seeking a chiropractor who would be more than a "crack and go" doctor, and I found that in Dr. Jodi. She cares about each and every patient in a personal manner. She gets to know not only you and your body, but your life. She remembers each conversation you have and inquires with you on each visit in a true and compassionate fashion. I have ordinarily only seen chiropractors for a short period of time because I felt like they were just developing an overly extensive plan to suck money out of me and I didn't see the benefit. I don't get that feeling from Dr. Jodi at all. She has not tried to keep me on any long extensive plans. I truly feel she is just keeping me on a plan for wellness. She encouraged me to begin Bikram Yoga which has helped me feel better about myself and allowed for fewer chiropractic visits. She formulates a unique plan for each individual's needs. She is not a one-size-fits-all doctor and certainly not in it for the money. She has given me extra care recently as a result of a car accident, and she spends extra time discussing progress and sharing the ‘Why' behind what she recommends. She also ensures she and her amazing massage therapist Krista (best I have ever had) can fit my tight schedule. I could go on and on, but in a nutshell, Dr. Jodi genuinely cares… not something I have found in too many doctors of any kind.❞