Massage Therapy improves your health with proven medical benefits.
Escape into a world of total relaxation. Treat yourself. You deserve it!

Experience the Benefits of Massage Therapy

Our highly trained massage therapists will ensure you get awesome results from your massage session.


More energy

Restore your life force and regain health.


Relief from migraines

Reduce frequency of headaches.


Lower medication dependence

Get drug-free pain relief.


Less stress and anxiety

Improve your quality of life.


Boost sleep quality

No more tossing and turning at night.


Prepare for workouts

Revitalize tissues and vital organs with increased oxygen.


Increased overall flexibility

Move joints, tendons, and ligaments freely.


Reduced muscle tension

Stretch weak, tight, or atrophied muscles.


Reduce PMS symptoms

Less bloating and mood swings.

Stress Relief

Are you stressed? Need some rest and relaxation? Wish you could feel refreshed? Studies show that receiving a massage activates the body to respond and correct the physiological imbalance caused by our stressful lives. Whether you’re a busy parent, expectant mom, factory worker, or administrator, you can escape into a world of complete comfort, restoration, and revitalization. Our highly skilled therapists will take good care of you.

Rehabilitation & Massage

The practice of massage has many surprising and proven medical benefits. In addition to boosting immunity, massage can help you manage pain of chronic conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Migraines, and Arthritis. If massage is necessary to your injury recovery, we can prescribe massage as part of your therapy. Our licensed and skilled massage therapists can assist your doctor and help you feel 100% and function better.

Preventative Care

Studies show that routine massage offers numerous benefits: lessen pain and discomfort, relieve headaches, reduce depression, ease stress and fatigue, improve sleep, increase energy, reduce medication, improve mental outlook, boost focus and concentration, lessen anxiety, and increase blood circulation. The therapeutic, medical, and stress-relieving benefits of massage can lead to a healthier and more energetic lifestyle.

Absolutely a well-thought-out, professionally staffed health care environment. I especially benefited from Krista Hughes’ massage therapy. Without a doubt, the best therapist I’ve been treated by. Keep up the great services. Will surely be back.


Massage Therapy as a Way of Life

Massage is a luxury no more! Massage has long been deemed as a treatment of self-indulgence, but the practice of massage, in fact, has many surprising and proven medical benefits. The health benefits of professional massage extend beyond simply soothing aches and pains.

As a massage therapist in East Cobb, Krista Barnhorn leads a team of both male and female certified massage therapists. Each therapist has developed skills and received specialized training to systematically, spiritually, and scientifically manipulate soft tissues of the body for maintaining health and homeostasis.

We specialize in customizing each massage according to your individual body’s needs. A variety of massages is available for muscle re-education, tissue regeneration, and rejuvenation. Our therapists offer a number of styles of massage to assist both your body and mind in adapting to life’s stressors and achieving overall well-being.

In fact, we want you to receive the benefits of massage as often as possible, so we give our chiropractic patients a discounted rate if they choose massage therapy to complement their chiropractic adjustments.

Medical Benefits of Massage

Numerous studies reveal that massage therapy packs tons of medical benefits:


Increase immunity

Increase natural “killer cells” and decrease the number of T-cells.


Boost brain power

Improve your memory and be more alert.


Promote tissue regeneration

Reduce scar tissue and stretch marks.


Improve skin and hair

Add vitality to a dull complexion and lackluster hair.


Improve organ function

Promote lymphatic drainage and more.


Improved range of motion

Treat osteoarthritis and reduce joint stiffness.


Enhance mood

Release endorphins and amino acids – the body’s natural painkillers


Relieve muscle cramps

Reduce adhesion, swelling, spasms, and cramping.


Recover from strenuous workouts

Release lactic acid.

Different Types of Massage

Our certified massage therapists are trained in the following massage techniques:


Neuro Muscular

(NMT) Also called trigger point myotherapy.



Pressure points on the feet, hands, or ears.


Shiatsu Massage

Therapists use their fingers, thumbs, and palms.


Sports Massage

Which incorporates stretching exercises.


Trigger Point Therapy

Manage pain and stress from chronic injuries.


Swedish Massage

Most common and best-known type for ultimate relaxation.


Deep Tissue Massage

Ideal for releasing chronic muscle tension.


Prenatal Massage

Accommodating to expecting mothers.


Eclectic Massage

A 50/50 combo of Swedish and Deep Tissue.

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